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If you sometimes think you might be suicidal, don’t do as I did, do as I say. Get help! DIAL 988. If you are addicted to alcohol or other drugs, ask for help. Yes, alcohol is a drug. It just happens to be legal, like marijuana is legal in some states. If you drink too much or smoke too much and you are tired of putting up with the awful side effects of these indulgences, then find AA online or in your area, or NA if you feel your addiction fits that mold better. The key is to be willing to ask for and accept help.

We say AA is not a religious program and it isn’t in the traditional sense of doctrine, churches and perceptions generally associated. I say, and I believe, AA is a spiritual program and the Big Book of “Alcoholics Anonymous” is a book of divine writing put together by 100 “alkies” to bring sobriety, peace, and tranquility to those who need it. It must be a miracle because how would you ever get 100 people to agree on anything. Someone said, “Did you hear about Lindberg’s flight? He flew over the Atlantic, all the way to Europe, all by himself.”

A response came from a sarcastic listener; “That’s nothin’! Tell me when a committee does it and I’ll show you a miracle!”

I still go to AA meetings, more online than in person, and I speak sometimes, when asked. I don’t sponsor individuals anymore, but use the blog button and I will be happy to discuss whatever you want: addiction and recovery, marines and the marine corps, aviation, relationships, careers, work – and work-related issues, charity, golf and football, or your choice.

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